BIOVESSEL:An Ecosystem Powered by Food Waste

BIOVESSEL:An Ecosystem Powered by Food Waste

An Ecosystem Powered by Food Waste

BIOVESSEL is now on Kickstarter!

Waste No More: BIOVESSEL brings nature into urban homes for a sustainable lifestyle.Composting made easy for city-dwellers.
Join the food waste revolution and let’s start the change one home at a time!

on Kickstarter:貝殼放大 Backer-Founder:

[客戶 Client]BIONICRAFT 

[集資顧問 Agency]貝殼放大 Backer-Founder 

[製作 Production]貝殼放大 Backer-Founder / 島鯨 WHALAND

 — 製作團隊 CREDIT —

[專案經理 Program Manager]王大皓 Dahow 
[顧問專員 Project Specialist]林語彤 YuTung 
[媒體公關 Public Relations]劉靜宜 Susan 
[導演 Director]張庭逌 Luke 
[製片 Producer]吳雨真 Brady 
[製片助理 Production Assistant]林怡君 Mia / 洪雅雯 Red 
[攝影指導 Director of Photography]黃奕宸 Blasy 
[攝影助理 1st Cameraman Assistant]陳俊嘉 Aga 
[燈光 Gaffer]徐鉦淯 Zheng Yu Xu 
[燈光助理 Lighting Assistant]羅煒 Wei Luo 
[美術 Production Designer]莊育儒 Stanley 
[美術助理 Assistant Art Designer]鄭淳澧
[剪接 Editor / 後期 VFX]黃奕宸 Blasy 
[音樂音效 Music & Sound Design]陳敬恆 Ching-Heng Chen 
[配音員 Voice Talent]Sean 
[錄音室 Vocal Recording at]悅耳工作室
[演員 Cast]Diana