FreezTHAT!:Frozen Treats in a Flash!

FreezTHAT!:Frozen Treats in a Flash!

Frozen Treats in a Flash! Designed to freeze in just 10 minutes.
Make popsicle bites, iced coffee cubes, and more – without the wait.
Are you tired of waiting for water to freeze? Running out of dessert ideas? Dislike the terrible odor that your ice cubes absorb from the refrigerator? No more wasting time on ice making. FreezTHAT! is your best solution!
We designed FreezTHAT! to fast freeze water into ice with its unique triangular freezing design and internally sealed cooling gel. The cooling fluid stores up coldness from the freezer and rapidly releases it back into the tray, making fast-freeze possible.

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奇想生活 THAT!:
貝殼放大 Backer-Founder:

[客戶 Client]奇想生活 
[集資顧問 Agency]貝殼放大 Backer-Founder 
[製作 Production]貝殼放大 Backer-Founder / 島鯨 WHALAND

 — 製作團隊 CREDIT —

[專案經理 Program Manager]廖薏淳 Eva / 林語彤 YuTung 
[顧問專員 Project Specialist]楊淳方 Jennifer 
[媒體公關 Public Relations / 文案 Copywriting]張海淨 HaiChing 
[監製 Executive Producer / 剪接 Editor]張庭逌 Luke
[導演 Director]尤勝弘 
[製片 Producer]吳雨真 Brady 
[製片助理 Production Assistant]王玲鈞 
[攝影指導 Director of Photography]林士豐 
[攝影助理 1st Cameraman Assistant]王志維 
[燈光 Gaffer]劉川琪 
[燈光助理 Lighting Assistant]鄭安圻 
[美術 Production Designer]黃偉勳 
[攝製 Shooting]萬花筒國際影像 
[VFX]侯思妤 HouHou